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Tax policy, growth & the next two years

What are the possible outcomes from the expected and stated tax policies of the new Trump administration? Pragmatism v. Idealogy: What are the likely economic impacts? Two years without gridlock? Given that the deck is now stacked for conservatives in that they control the White House, House of representatives and the Senate ...and likely soon the Supreme Court, expect a whirlwind first two years. Here are some of our thoughts with assists from a few of our sell side coverage friends at some of the big banks. The simple logic as to what has changed: In the past Obama regime, we've had sub par growth but the FED was still raising rates. The consensus was that there was indeed some room for Chair Yellen to raise

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The Effects of a Dollar Surge

Since the U.S. elections, the dollar has surged by 5 percent while emerging market currencies fell by double. When the value of the dollar spikes, global GDP on average has contracted by 2 percentage points in the past, and eventually dip into recession territory (see Figure 1). Currently, markets are in the “first inning” of a periods of rising rates, surging dollar and contracting global GDP. This combination could have two profound effects: dollar shortage and Fed balance sheet contraction. Figure 1: Dollar and Global GDP Source: Bloomberg, quarterly data, 1980-2016 Since the middle of 1990s, global debt denominated in dollars has expanded by an average of $1.5 trillion a year, to a cumulative of $50 trillion today according the Bank of International Settlements.

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What now? Take a deep breath.....we have been here before

Now that the American electorate has spoken,it is time to sharpen our focus on how tho think through this political earthquake: A "Republican" mandate? Not like you think...It's more like an Independant and a Republican Congress. Who is DJT? Is he really a Republican in a traditional sense? It depends upon how you define "traditional" I thought I would touch on some helpful historical analogies: 1.Today vs 1968-1980 2. DJT ~ Eisenhower and Teddy Roosevelt Now vs 1968: An argument could be made that we have been in one of the most tumultuous periods in American History over the past decade or so. It is evidenced in the stock market behavior of the last 15 years. We have had two of the largest bear

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GDP Momentum

One of the key data releases next Thursday will be the first reading for Third Quarter U.S. GDP. GDP has been a “hot” topic of debate at the recent Boston Fed Conference as well as during the third Presidential Debate. The slowness of GDP has been worrisome, especially because despite a robust labor market, wages have lagged. If GDP stays slow, a tight labor market with modest wage growth may decelerate consumer spending. With an already fragile investment, trade and fiscal spending, a drop in consumer spending could “tip” U.S. GDP closer to zero growth. The dangerously slow pace of 1.3% in Q2 2016 could reverse however if consensus Q3 forecast of 2.5% annualized change is realized. The year on year slide

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In her recent speech, Federal Reserve Chair Yellen introduced a phrase that may determine how markets, economists and the public will think about the global economy going forward. Yellen suggested the Federal Reserve should allow the U.S. economy to turn into a "high pressure economy." That means an economy where labor markets are very tight, demand is robust and capital spending runs at a high rate. For Yellen to arrive at such a conclusion, there were four critical issues she highlighted for future "research:" Hysteresis. The global economy suffers from "supply damage" caused by a sharp fall in aggregate demand due to hysteresis. Developed economies saw in their real estate and financial sectors massive layoff, and supply of highly specialized workers was absorbed insufficiently. Because

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Could the global economy stall in the coming months?

The intellectus Partners Chief Economist Ben Emons on Bloomberg TV, discusses the global economy, the timing of the next Fed rate hike and the possibility of the global economy stalling in the coming months. He speaks to Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio and Yvonne Man on "Daybreak Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

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