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Special Guest Post : The leading behavioral investment mistake

The leading behavioral investment mistake By Thomas Oberlechner, Chief Science Officer, TheHintBox!,Inc, a related company Biography: Thomas Oberlechner, Ph.D. Dr. Oberlechner is Chief Scientist at TheHintBox!,Inc, a related company to Intellectus Partners. He is also founder and partner of FinPsy LLC, a San Francisco based behavioral consultancy. He helps decision-makers in finance and investment integrate state-of-the art behavioral expertise into their decisions, products, and organizations. Dr. Oberlechner is a leading expert on behavioral and psychological aspects of financial decisionmaking. While previously Chief Science Officer at iMatchative, he developed decision support systems for investors and hedge fund managers that add novel behavioral dimensions to the financial hedge fund data traditionally available. These systems provide investors and fund managers with deep insight into behavioral preferences,

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Tax policy, growth & the next two years

What are the possible outcomes from the expected and stated tax policies of the new Trump administration? Pragmatism v. Idealogy: What are the likely economic impacts? Two years without gridlock? Given that the deck is now stacked for conservatives in that they control the White House, House of representatives and the Senate ...and likely soon the Supreme Court, expect a whirlwind first two years. Here are some of our thoughts with assists from a few of our sell side coverage friends at some of the big banks. The simple logic as to what has changed: In the past Obama regime, we've had sub par growth but the FED was still raising rates. The consensus was that there was indeed some room for Chair Yellen to raise

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Could the global economy stall in the coming months?

The intellectus Partners Chief Economist Ben Emons on Bloomberg TV, discusses the global economy, the timing of the next Fed rate hike and the possibility of the global economy stalling in the coming months. He speaks to Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio and Yvonne Man on "Daybreak Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

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