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Special Guest Post : The leading behavioral investment mistake

The leading behavioral investment mistake By Thomas Oberlechner, Chief Science Officer, TheHintBox!,Inc, a related company Biography: Thomas Oberlechner, Ph.D. Dr. Oberlechner is Chief Scientist at TheHintBox!,Inc, a related company to Intellectus Partners. He is also founder and partner of FinPsy LLC, a San Francisco based behavioral consultancy. He helps decision-makers in finance and investment integrate state-of-the art behavioral expertise into their decisions, products, and organization

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In spite of ourselves....

It's Your Brain, Man... According to research firm Dalbar, Inc. Behavior is the number one cause of investor underperformance. At Intellectus,along with key partners, we are in the midst of some very extensive work on investor behavior. According to our friend Dr. Thomas Oberlechner, former MIT and Harvard Behavioral economist and Senior psychologist to some of the worlds top hedge funds, more than 25% of an average investor return can be attributed to his or her behaviors. That is more than 2

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