Welcome to the Intellectus Partners blog

We would like to thank all of you who have so loyally supported Intellectus Partners in our initial year after launch!

It may sound trite, but it is only with these incredibly strong relationships with you, our clients and client network that we have been able to sprint out of the gate with such strength.

It is our mission to be the trusted partner to our innovative client base in all things related to their wealth and business enterprises.

It is our view that entrepreneurs and leaders are different. You are different. With folks like you, we cannot seperate the entrepreneur from his business not her business from her wealth.

The reason that we hold to that mantra is because we believe that it drives a mission to add value to our clients lives in ways that are important to THEM. We have seen time and again, situations where a busy executive, who had world class advisers in tax, legal, personal investment management, corporate or other areas have one conversation with us and discover new and incredible value creation ideas that were just never brought to their attention. This is not because we are smarter(although some of our employees may just be), but because the model with which we operate, allows us to go deep and understand the clients business, financial structure, family goals and needs across the full spectrum. Not just in one vertical area. By collaborating with these other world class tax, legal and other advisors, we can do incredibly good things for our clients, their businesses and most importantly, their families.

So, as you will see with our Intellectus Blog, we will be writing about things we know about, care about and we think will be worth your few minutes each day to read along with us. We want you to get into our heads, to understand how we see the world of business, innovation, finance and economics. We will certainly have quite a bit filling these pages about technology, healthcare and the growth areas of the economy that we are passionate about and connected to. In particular we have a special focus on the cross section of technology and economics. This is an area where we have consistently focused our research and understanding. For us "Technology" Is simply another word for innovation, and innovation is where business thrives.

Ultimately you will be hearing from many of us at the firm in this blog. Feel free to email and call with comments, suggestions and feedback.

Never forget that we named this firm after you our clients, "Intellect+Us". The etymology is latin of course, for truth seeking, but our derivation is that our value is as much driven from YOUR INTELLECT "Plus Us". In this frame of reference we often are simply here to interpret your brilliance and experience into a working model for you to better make investment and business decisions with us.

We hope that you enjoy this and that you continue to grow with us.

Salute! Here is to many great years of compelling discussions and debates that will make us all far better off for having made the effort to uncover truths and opportunities together.

David, Jay & the Intellectus Partners team